Q1: (audio 1) I’m So Excited

Q2: (audio 2) Holding Out For A Hero

Q5: (audio 3) The Inbetweeners

Q6: (audio 4) Come Dine With Me

Q9: (audio 5) Think Twice

Q10: (audio 6) Black (The Black Keys)

Q13: (audio 7) Cher Lloyd

Q14: (audio 8) Lloyds

Q17: (audio 9) We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off

Q18: (audio 10) Too Young To Die

Second half

Q21: (audio 11) Time After Time

Q22: (audio 12) Poison

Q25: (audio 13) Billy Elliot

Q26: (audio 14) The Cleveland Show

Q29: (audio 15) Europe

Q30: (audio 16) Pamela Anderson

Q32: (audio 17) Puccini

Q34: (audio 18) Oliver

Q37: (audio 19) Best Of My Love

Q38: (audio 20) Harvest For The World